Webswing Migration Framework

Webswing Migration Framework

Migration from Java Swing to the native web application.

DEMO - Check out individual steps in migration with Webswing Migration Framework

EXAMPLES - Check out the examples of integration with various technologies like React, Angular, VueJS or Vaadin


Couple years ago, Webswing basically set the industry standard on running the desktop applications in modern browsers seamlessly, without changing a single line of code. Webswing allowed many companies around the world to run their old Swing apps on the platform that is very accessible and natural for its users.

Web interface became the main platform for software distribution. With the dawn of modern handheld devices with strong focus on touch control, responsiveness and true platform and device independence, the need for change becomes more actual than ever before.

Realizing the fact that our customers need to move forward with their software products, we came up with Webswing Migration Framework that helps to understand the potential options and routes towards migration. It also shows the true power of Webswing software implementation.

The following 3 approaches point out the pros and cons of particular solution and they provide a glimpse of how to tackle the application migration.

Plan A - Webswing forever

However this is not a true migration process as such, Webswing is powerful technology that allows companies to run their desktop application in browser without changing a single line of source code

Webswing integration provides the instant result and benefit for your customers, letting them use your application in web browser without any further investments into development. 

On the other hand, they are willingly signing up for taking the risk of discontinued technology support and tech debt in the future.

Nevertheless, we are working hard to continuously develop Webswing and we are bringing the new features in every release.

Plan B - ‘Big Bang‘ approach

With this approach companies usually use Webswing together with their application, but in parallel, they are developing a new fully native solution for the web with the same functionality. It gives them freedom to completely rebuild the application as there are no technical or design limitations in development. New apps created by this approach are usually developed with cutting-edge technologies and truly respond to all the needs of nowadays’ users.

On the pursuit towards the final result companies must be ready for a couple of obstacles. Development is often connected to unpredictable timeframe and costs, higher workload regarding maintaining two codebases or the necessity of dedicated development team. Moreover there is potential risk of rejection from the users once the app is ready and launched.

Some of the risk of this approach can be minimised by using Webswing or go for Plan C in migration process. 

Plan C - ‘Step-by-Step‘ migration

In this approach Webswing technology truly shows its full power and uniqueness. In Webswing 2.7 release we introduced Compositing window manager - state-of-the-art piece of technology that allows companies to perform step-by-step migration process. 

Basically, the applications are still running on Webswing, but with CWM there is an option to start migration to native technology screen-by-screen, part-by-part, component-by-component. It has the ability to communicate from Swing component to native language and vice versa, therefore the massive migration process can be broken into smaller logical parts and aim for continuous transformation of entire application. 

Evenmore there could be some parts of the application that are too complicated to migrate or cost-to-benefit ratio is too high for pulling off such migration. In those cases Webswing technology is there to hold the component to be seamlessly integrated into the native application.

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If you would like to know more about the particular approaches or you want to SEE THE DEMO, we will be more than happy to answer all your questions. Also check our services below and find out how we can be helpful once your company decide for migration.


You can check out the demo of migration framework here. SEE THE DEMO


You can also check out the examples of integration with various technologies like React, Angular, VueJS or Vaadin. SEE THE Migration Framework Integration EXAMPLES

Webswing is very unique, state-of-the-art solution that saves ton of costs and time for companies all over the world. We will be happy to help you to start with it
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