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Webswing Partner Program

Webswing Partner Program

Work with us to fulfil our mission to help companies all over the world to help them with smooth transition of their legacy applications.

Webswing is a company based in Dublin, Ireland with the operations in Bratislava, Slovakia. With our state-of-the-art technology we are serving the global market and currently have clients from every major market on the 5 world’s continents (Europe, Asia, Australia and both Americas). As a company with such an extensive global reach, we always look for the partner companies that could help us to serve more clients in every corner of our planet.

As of now, we are working with different business entities; companies of various sizes and positions, sole proprietors, even with freelancers and employees. Basically with everyone who has shown a serious interest in spreading our software to customers in need of this particular technology.

These partners are incorporated into our Webswing Partner Program, so we can get even wider reach for our technology to penetrate to more markets and into more businesses.

Webswing Partner is the business entity that is able to show excellent knowledge in respective industry, provide significant and valuable information about the network and potential clients which lead to deal closures and helps to facilitate the communications between Webswing and potential customers. 

Our full dedication in Webswing is to provide companies with the cost effective solution to run their legacy applications in browser and/or migrate their products to newer feasible solutions. If you would like to know more about how to become a Webswing Partner and would like to find out what benefits it brings to you or your company, let us know and get in touch with us.

As a matter of fact we would also be interested in finding out how you can utilize the Webswing technology in your own business use cases.

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