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Topic: Webswing 23.2. Release and new Component Migration Feature
Development vision

Development vision

Development vision

Planned features, functionalities and tools. List of things that we would love to include to any other release of the Webswing

24.1 Simplicity, Security, Reliability

Features planned for release in April 2024

  • Unification of cluster and standalone codebase
  • LDAP Security module
  • Simplification of messaging format (unification of proto, java and ts models)
  • Browserless automated load testing 
  • JS client UI refresh
  • Keyboard event handling refactor


The customer`s needs mainly drive the development of the Webswing software components and functionalities. We stay committed to our customers and support their development plans not only with already existing functionality but also with further developments of Webswing as the software environments changes and evolves. 

We are very grateful for the ideas coming from our customers. We are always happy to discuss the future of Webswing with those who use this technology. 

The goals outlined in this plan are prepared based on our best will. Please note, however, that we are unable to influence the development plans of Java versions by Oracle. For more details read here: 

Please note that not all functionality of Webswing is available in the public releases and/or evaluation versions. We may link some of the Webswing functionality to private repositories used by our customers. 

Last update October 2023