Transforming Java Desktop Applications into Modern Web Solutions

QFS is a software test automation company that collaborates with companies that rely on Java desktop applications, which are often essential yet outdated. Modernizing these applications is a priority but comes with challenges. Webswing provides a revolutionary solution that enables Java applications to run in web browsers with minimal modifications. Acting as a web server, Webswing mirrors the Java UI directly in the browser, facilitating a smooth transition.

The Webswing-QFS Partnership

Recognizing the synergy between Webswing and QFS, QFS integrated extensive support for Webswing applications. This integration allows comprehensive testing of Java applications in their native form, as web applications via Webswing, or both concurrently. This makes QF-Test an ideal tool for companies migrating their Java applications to the web.

Introducing the Webswing Modernisation Framework

Webswing's Modernisation Framework addresses the need for modern web applications by enabling companies to gradually replace Java UI components with native web components without altering the Java code. This progressive approach ensures business logic remains intact while modernizing the user interface.

About QFS and QF-Test

Quality First Software GmbH (QFS) is dedicated to delivering top-quality software testing solutions. Since 2001, QFS has been committed to excellence in product development, customer relationships, and employee satisfaction. The company supports various ecological and social projects, reflecting its commitment to social responsibility and sustainability.

QF-Test, is a robust tool for automating tests of desktop, web, and mobile applications. Known for its user-friendliness, reliable recognition, and low maintenance effort, QF-Test is supported by a dedicated team of experts, ensuring its efficacy in diverse testing scenarios.

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With the combined power of Webswing and QF-Test, companies can modernize their Java applications efficiently and cost-effectively. This partnership ensures that businesses can keep pace with technological advancements without the need for complete rewrites, making the transition to modern web solutions smoother and more manageable.

Testing Webswing Applications with QF-Test

Check out the short video overview, how to test your WebSwing applications with test automation tool QF-Test.

Webswing and QF-Test Integrated testing of Webswing applications with QF-Test

Explore the potential of this transformative collaboration and see how your organization can benefit from migrating Java applications to the web with Webswing and QF-Test.


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