Go through the conference with us while we're posting updates throughout the day....


Andrej Zelman is meeting the client Ben Powers from Information Management Services, Inc. alive for the first time.

We are grateful for this events so we can meet in person.

9/26 - Starting with the strong coffee to kick off the next day

9/25 - Late Midday update from JAX NYC


9/25 - Private demo presentation #navsea #bloomberg

Presenting a demo for small group of attendants outside the currently ongoing sessions...

9/25 - First meetings after the Keynote

First series of meetings after initial Keynote... It's getting started ...

9/25 - Preps are done. Ready to go!

All preparations are done by now and we are ready to welcome attendees in our booth.

9/25 - Conference kick-off

Welcome words from the conference. Morning before the preparations


9/24 - Sponsors & exhibitors dinner in Manhattan


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